Aufau International Award 2016 | Outstanding Researcher Award | Chemical Sciences

Dr. B. Gowramma  Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

JSS College of Pharmacy

The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India


Fields of interest:

  • Synthesis and biological activity of some novel compounds bearing heterocyclic moiety
  • Development and validation of some enantiomeric separation by HPLC method

Total number of publications: 40 in various national and international journals

Total number of PG guided: 06

Total number of UG guided: 04

Total Number of presentations: 24 in various national and international conferences

Book published: 01

Experience: 15 Years of teaching and research experience

Awards and achievements:

  • Received first best poster award for scientific presentation on the topic “Synthesis and characterization of 1{(diethylcarbamoyl) methyl}-3-(5-aryl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)urea derivatives as antimicrobial agents” in Indo-US symposium on frontiers in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery on molecule discovery organized by JSS University, Mysore.
  • Received first best poster award based on the merit for scientific presentation on the topic “Chiral stability indicating HPLC method for the analysis of pioglitazone in pharmaceutical formulation” in 64th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress.

Received Certificate of Merit for best paper publication on the topic “Development and validation of LC-MS/MS method for the estimation of zaltoprofen enantiomers in Pharmaceutical formulation” in 8th Dr. P. D. Seth Annual Award in the year 2013.