Aufau International Award 2016 | Lifetime Achievement Award | Botony

Dr. Dibyendu Talukar

Associate Professor of Botony

R.P.M. College,

University of Calcutta

West Bengal, India

Dibyendu Talukdar

Dr. Dibyendu Talukdar, 45, had passed undergraduate and post graduate in Botany from University of Kalyani, Kalyani, West Bengal, India with high first class marks. He was awarded prestigious UGC-CSIR NET fellowship in 1995 and obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Kalyani in the year 2008 on Cell biology & plant breeding (Mutation biology). Dr. Talukdar is a talented and excellent researcher: quick in his responses, innovative, hardworking, problem solver, a strong drive, a sharp mind and plenty of energy. He has deep knowledge of plant cell biology, molecular biology, mutation genetics, biodiversity and functional stress biology. His research articles give an insight into his capabilities to combine originality in conceiving problems relevant to the context and his ability to plan and execute appropriate experiments and interpret the results logically, which is reflected in brilliant track record of over 80 academic publications in journals of high national and international repute. He developed robust cytogenetic stock and recombinant inbred lines in legume crops. His extensive work on legume cytogenetics (primary & tertiary trisomics, tetrasomics, translocation lines, stress mutant stocks in Lathyrus satuvus L. & partially in other food legumes such as lentils and beans) is of great relevance for future molecular mutation breeding. His extensive work on native biodiversity and its diverse use by indigenous people in Gangetic West Bengal and in Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim is also quite impressive. He has multi tasking abilities being reviewer for journals like Plant Cell Reports, Biologia Plantarum, BMC Plant Biology, Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, African Journal of Biotechnology, Annual Review & Research in Biology, and many others.