Aufau International Award 2016 | Outstanding Researcher Award | Environmental Sciences

Dr. Manish Mathur  Ph.D.,


Central Arid Zone Research Institute-Jodhpur


Manish Mathur

Dr. Manish Mathur has done M.Sc. in Botany and Ph.D. in Plant Ecology from JNV, Jodhpur, India. He has ARS-NET in Plant Pathology and Crop Protection (ASRB). Presently he is working in Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) as a Senior Technical Officer where he contributed in vegetation survey (5 districts of Rajasthan and Gujarat), ecological and remote sensing works. He is Member of Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM, IUCN). He received Young Scientist Associate Award (2016) by BIOVED Society, Allhabhad for crop protection.  He has 46 papers (15 in vegetation ecology, 15 in medicinal plants, 5 in mineral quantification, 5 in quantitative ethno-botany, 2 in economic assessment, 2 in agro-techniques and 2 in plant pathology,) to his credit. His most cited scientific works pertaining with species level nutrient use efficiency, Population Viability Analysis of an endangered semi arid species (Blepharis sindica), spatial distribution patterns of semi-arid plant species, and invasion ecology. He also wrote five books “Attributes of Plant Spatial Analysis”, “Ethnic-Knowledge: Documentation and their Interpretation”, Male Infertility: Factors Consequences and Natural Remedies. Qualitative and Quantitative Attributes of Environmental Impact Assessment and Plant Disease Epidemiology. He is trained in Remote Sensing, Intellectual property rights, Agricultural Statistics and Nanotechnology. He is also a certified person in Environment Impact Assessment from College of Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Washington, U.S.A.