Aufau International Award 2019 | Outstanding Researcher Award | Biotechnology

Dr.Mrs. Anju Bajpai

Principal Scientist

ICAR-Central Institute for Subtropical Horticluture


            I have studied at Isabella Thoburn College and Lucknow University  followed by Ph.D from CSIR-CIMAP after qualifying JRF/SRF in 1991. I have been trained in US lab (Clemson University) under Prof.Albert Abbott. My present interests include Structural and functional genomics of mango and guava. As a team leader Genomic Group in our institute I am engaged in characterization and mapping of chloroplasts genes, flavonoid and carotenoid pathway genes, flowering time and floral identity genes in mango.  In guava recent initiatives include use of chloroplast DNA markers for evincing relationships and discrimination. I have also developed flowering model in mango based on realtime qPCR studies.Based on GC-MS  analysis and 18S rDNA sequncing our group has extablished role of fungal pathogen in mango malformation. I also developed a prototype for carrying out in vitro selection for guava wilt resistance. As part of CISH Biotechnology group, done pioneering work on somatic embryogenesis in guava, where I made significant contributions. I have made significant research contributions in reproductive phenology and pollination studies in underutilized fruits viz., jamun, karonda, mahua and woodapple. Morphological and floral biology studies of important underutilized fruit accessions has lead to registration of two Jamun accessions i.e. CISH J-37 and CISH J- 42 (seedless) at NBPGR. One of these CISH J 37 has been released as Jamwant variety.  Presently engaged in developing DUS guidelines for Jamun.I have discovered and established a novel mechanism of poor seed setting and pollen sterility in papaya under northern Indian conditions. This discovery is expected to significantly better understanding of genome sterility on pollen fertility, provide strategy for time of planting in subtropical conditions. Handled various Externally aided projects and ICAR Projects as PI and CoPI(DBT, UPDASP, ICAR-NPTC, ICAR-NNPUF, PPV&FRA).Presently running 1 externally funded projects as PI(ICAR-NPTC) and one as Co-PI(PPV&FRA). I have also handled inter-institutional projects with NRC (Litchi), Muzaffarpur and SAUs(UPDASP).Member Secretary PGE Committee , responsible for coordinating and strengthening Post Graduate Research .Member ITMU for technology commercialization, patenting etc. I have guided more than 10 BTech (Biotech ) students, 10, MPhil and MTech students, presently 2 PhD students working under my guidance.