Aufau International Award 2019 | Outstanding Researcher Award | Biotechnology

Dr Rukam Singh Tomar

Associate Professor

Junagadh Agricultural University

Gujarat, India

              Currently I serve as Associate Professor in Department of Biotechnology for Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh. I believe education and research should go hand in hand so I teach Genomics and Molecular Biology as well as Bioinformatics to Doctorate and Master level students. I guided one International student from Iran and right now i am guiding one post doctorate fellow. I have guided more than six M.Sc., students from my university and more than 10 MSc and PhD students from other university. I am the only registered guide for post doctorate students among four state agricultural university. Apart from 60 research paper in National and International journals some papers are published in prestigious journal like Nature Scientific. I have sequenced genome of Sclerotium rolofsii for the first time. I am doing collaborative research work with researchers from Korea and Australia scientists.  I have received awards like Best Teacher, Young Scientist.