Aufau International Award 2016 | Young Scientist Award | Biotechnology

Dr. Salwee Yasmin  Ph.D.,

Technical Associate

National Saffron Mission

Saffron Research Station

Pampore, India

Salwee yasmin

Dr Salwee Yasmin, Ph D Biotechnology has 10 years experience in research and extension in the field of plant biotechnology with special reference to saffron, potato and kalazeera. She has been instrumental in improving saffron through biotechnological interventions particularly tissue culture and mutation breeding approach. The novel micropropagation protocol of saffron developed ensures high proliferation ratio which has solved the problem of availability of quality planting material-a bottleneck in saffron value chain.  Development of 13 extraordinary lines by Dr Salwee through mutation breeding has created a new window for vertical improvement of saffron to tackle the problem of low productivity. Commercialization of created lines is expected to improve overall production of Kashmir saffron thus making farming system more profit earning.  First report of Saffron Karyotype for Kashmir saffron by Dr Salwee Yasmin will serve a bench mark for seeking Geographical Identification for Kashmir Saffron for which policy makers of J&K State are ambitious. Dr Salwee has contributed to the saffron society especially in the field of saffron farming saffron through Human Resource Development  and created a possible reason for extending saffron to other areas of J&K. Dr Salwee bestowed with a number of National and International awards is author of 3 books/manual’s besides having authorshipship of more than 20 National and International papers serving the cause of researchers and technology users.