Vacant Position Research Fellow
No. of vacancies N/A
Deadline N/A
Institute and location University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Departments Department of  Chemistry
Qualification 1)         Biomaterials/formulation scientist: A successful candidate must have a strong background in development of nano/micro-scale formulations, bioconjugation chemistry, development of analytical methods for biomaterial/formulation characterization, quantitative aptitude and a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutics/materials engineering/bioengineering/chemical engineering or related discipline. Experience with lipid-based formulations for gene delivery, magnetically/acoustically-responsive materials and in vivo work with rodent models is a plus.

2)         Cancer Immunologist: A successful candidate must have a strong background in cancer immunology/immunotherapy including experience with rodent models of cancer and characterization of cancer immunity. Experience with ex vivo tissue analysis, including profiling of immune cell subsets using flow cytometry/flow-assisted cell sorting, isolation and culture of primary cells and immunohistochemistry is required. Experience with molecular biology/recombinant work, immunological evaluation of immunotherapies/gene therapies and in vivo small animal imaging is a plus.

Salary N/A
Mode of application Online
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