Vacant Position Researcher/Postdoc level
No. of vacancies 01
Deadline 31.10.2018
Institute and location University Lyon 1, France › Villeurbanne
Departments Department of  Chemistry
Qualification we are looking for a post-doctoral researcher to work on a newgeneration of materialsto extend the lifetime of these ‘hyperpolarized’ MRI tracers to days(doi:10.1038/ncomms13975) which will potentially lead to a radical democratization of the method. Your project will be at the interface between organic and material chemistry, and will involvethe design, synthesis, characterization, and testing of novel porous materialsbased on hybrid organic-inorganic silicas. The successful candidate will evolve in a very interdisciplinary environment, and interact with chemists, biologists and physicists. You may for example participate in the in-vivohyperpolarized MRI experiments, or pursue applications in the field of drug discovery or metabolomics.
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Mode of application Online/Email/Postal
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